Replacement Filter Cartridges: Pet Fountain (6 Pack) (389)

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The filter is a key part of your pet drinking fountain – keeping the water in perfect purified order. At Closer Pets, we recommend replacing your filter every month, so this handy six-pack will give you half a year of clean and free-flowing water for your four-legged friends to enjoy.

These replacement polymer-carbon filter cartridges trap dirt, fur and any other nasties. What’s more, the activated carbon removes chlorine and unpleasant odours from your tap water, therefore improving the taste and even the smell for your pets’ sensitive noses – did you know a dog’s sniffing power can be up to 10,000-100,000 times more superior than ours?

These replacement filter cartridges are suitable for soft water, but if you have hard water in your area, our 3-Stage Filter Cartridges will be perfect for you!

For use with the below products if you live in a soft-water area:


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