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Cat Feeders FAQs

Most cat feeders will include a feed tray where you place dry or wet food and a clock mechanism of some kind. Some clocks will be mechanical while others are digital.

You set a timer for when your cat would usually be fed and the feeder will dispense food at that time. Depending on the feeder, this could be as part of a longer schedule that can cover several days.

Some cat feeders can dispense wet food. Care should be taken to take into account room temperature and feeding schedule. You don’t want wet cat food sitting in the feeder for days on end!

Most feeders are compatible with dry foods and we recommend this type of food wherever possible. It won’t spoil in warmer temperatures and won’t smell once it’s been out for a few hours!

Much depends on the model. The C500 Five-meal Automatic Pet Feeder can handle five meals, the three, two and one meal feeders handle 3, 2, 1 meals respectively.

The Multi-meal Automatic Dry Food Pet Feeder can continue feeding on a regular schedule until the food runs out!

Each is ideal in different situations. The 1, 2, 3 meal feeders are ideal for cats who are early risers or who have no respect for weekends. The 5 meal feeders and the multi-meal feeder can be useful for days out or holidays.

Yes, they can. If your cat is on a diet, you can set portion sizes when loading the cat feeder. You can portion each tray individually for the day feeders and control dry food portion sizes in our dry feeder.

All our feeders can help you help your cat maintain a healthy weight without the opportunity for overfeeding.

You could feed a miniature or small dog with a cat feeder. Just replace the cat food with your dog’s favourite food and it will work perfectly. The same benefits these feeders have for cats can also be enjoyed by your dog.

Just make sure any dry food you use in the Multi-meal Automatic Dry Food Pet Feeder is small enough to be dispensed without blocking the device!

Most cat feeders use a digital mechanism powered by AA batteries. Depending on the type of feeder you buy, the timer mechanism can be configured to dispense food once, twice or three times per day over one or more days.

This means you can use a two meal cat feeder to dispense food once per day for a weekend or twice per day for a single day. Other feeders with other capacities can be similarly configured.

They are the perfect answer to feeding your cat on their schedule without interrupting yours!

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