Is this product suitable for large cats and small dogs?
Yes, this is suitable for pets up to a shoulder height of 14”.

Is this product only suitable for installation into glass?
No. The design is popular for installation into wooden doors as well as glass
and acrylic panels.

Is this product suitable for single and multiple glazing?
The product is particularly recommended for single/multiple glazing.

Can this product be installed into existing toughened/double/triple glazing?
For existing toughened/double/ triple glazing, a new glass panel will
be required.

Can this be installed into a wall or door instead?
Yes. For a door, follow the installation guide for glass (cutting a circular hole
of correct diameter). For a wall, you will also require the correct number of
wall liners (Part No. 400).

What is the size of the hole to be cut into the glass panel for fitting?
Ask a glazier to cut a hole of 283mm (11 1/8”) diameter. We recommend
the bottom of the hole is approximately level with your pet’s stomach.

Is this product draught- and weatherproof?
The product has a draught- and weatherproof fully brush sealed flap with
magnetic closure.

Are spare parts available?
Yes, the replacement flap (Part No. 913) and locks (Part No. M221SP2) are
available on our website.

What is the size of the opening the cat goes through?
Approximately 180mm x 180mm (7’’ x 7’’).