Is this product suitable for my dog?
The medium dog door is suitable for spaniels, terriers, poodles, beagles etc. up to a shoulder height of 460mm (14”).
Can this product be installed into glass?
The product is not designed to be suitable for installation into glass.
Can this dog door be installed into a wall?
Yes. Instructions are given for wall installation. We recommend you cut your own wall liner using a 2mm metal sheet.
Are wall liners available?
No. Wall liners are not available. However full instructions for wall installation are with the product.
Can I block the dog door off?
Yes. It comes supplied with a locking panel and two locking pins.
Is the product supplied with frame liners?
Yes. It comes supplied with 50mm frame liners
Are spare parts available?
Yes. Replacement flap (Part No. 908), locking panel (Part No. M215SP1) and locking pins (Part No. M215SP2) are all available to order on our website.