It’s stopped pumping water.
1. We would advise referring to the fault-finding/maintenance instructions. Most reported failures relate to a build-up of limescale/dirt in the pump and are easily rectified by dismantling and cleaning the pump bore and magnetic impeller. Most instances of flow reduction relate to a need for maintenance of the pump.
2. Please see the pump cleaning video on our website.
The water flow has slowed down.
1. Check the min./max. control.
2. See the pump cleaning video on our website.
I have connected the pump – it’s pumping but no water is coming up to the top.
Confirm the pump is connected to the bottom of the top white moulding correctly, as shown in the instruction leaflet.
The pump has started making a noise.
1. Dismantle and clean the pump as per the instructions.
2. Check that the water level is above minimum.