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Microchip Cat Flap – White (360W)Microchip Cat Flap – White (360W)
Microchip Cat Flap – Dark Grey (CP 360G)Microchip Cat Flap – Dark Grey (CP 360G)
Microchip Cat Flap – Brown (360B)Microchip Cat Flap – Brown (360B)

Cat Flaps with Microchips FAQs

Installation of a microchip cat flap is simple. You’ll need a hole in your door of the correct size. Then simply place each side of the cat flap each side of the door, add any weather seal to the hole and secure in place with the included fixings.

Once set, test the opening to make sure it’s a seamless fit and introduce your cat to their new cat flap!

No, microchip cat flaps do not need to be wired to the mains. They are battery operated. The battery housing will be built into the cat flap so all you need to do is install the cat flap, test the mechanism, add the batteries, set up the microchip or ID tag and you’re good to go.

Yes, you can use the microchip cat flap with more than one cat. Some models we stock at Closer Pets can support up to 30 different cats! You’ll need an ID disc for each cat and to ‘teach’ the cat flap to recognise each of them but that’s a very simple process.

Once done, you can allow as many cats as the flap supports to come and go as they please.

Your cat should never be locked out of your home. Most microchip cat flaps batteries will last up to a year even with regular use. Some cat flaps will have low battery indicators, while others won’t. Either way, if you change the batteries regularly, your cat should never be locked out of your home!

Microchip cat flaps are programmed to recognise either your cat’s microchip or a special ID tag that comes with the flap. To train the flap to recognise your cat, you will need to hold the disc or cat by the flap, press a single button and the flat will memorise the chip or ID and only allow that cat into the home.

If you have more than one cat, you’ll need to do this for each of them you want to allow to access the outside. It takes just a second or two to do!

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