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Glass Door Cat Flaps FAQs

You will need a hole in the glass to install these cat flaps. If you’re replacing an old flap, make sure your new flap is the same dimensions as your old one. If you’re adding a new cat flap to a glass door, you’ll need a glazier to cut the hole or replace the glass panel with one with a hole.

When you’re ready to install, place either side of the cat flap over the hole, add any weather seal and use the fixings to secure the cat flap in place. Once done, test the door a few times to ensure free operation and then introduce your cat to their new door.

Both the Glass Fitting Cat Flap and the Large Glass Fitting Cat Flap are almost inaudible even close up. We have all been woken up at unsociable hours by a cat flying through the cat flap at 100 miles an hour and were determined our own cat flaps would do better.

Both glass door cat flaps use a soft brushed material to soften the closing action. This prevents that loud banging noise some other cat flaps like to wake you up with in the early hours!

Closer Pets’ cat flaps are as weatherproof as it is possible to be. We have to balance making the cat flap easy to use for a cat while also providing enough resistance to keep weather out.

For that we use a simple, reliable magnetic closure which has enough strength to keep the weather out while being easy to use for cats.

It won’t keep all weather out, especially if the door is in an exposed place but it should keep the majority of average British weather at bay.

You can lock cat flaps for glass doors. Both the Glass Fitting Cat Flap and the Large Glass Fitting Cat Flap have a 4-way locking system that can control the direction of travel or lock the flap completely.

This is ideal if you need to keep your cat in, out or for when you’re going on holiday or will be leaving the house unattended.

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