Here’s how you can create a showstopping garden pond this summer

If the lockdowns of the last 12 months have made you appreciate your garden even more, and you want to give it some TLC this summer, a pond is a wonderful way of creating a focal point for you and your loved ones to enjoy!

Here are our top tips for creating an amazing ornamental fish pond. And if you already have a pond, this blog includes some handy hints on how to make the most of it – from tips for introducing some new plants or fish, to ideas for how to keep it looking its best.


  1. Location, location, location!

Sitting near a pond can be a perfect way to relax and reflect – whether you watch your fish peacefully drift around or close your eyes and listen to the soothing trickle of the water. Positioning your pond near a seating area means you can fully enjoy it, you can show off your handiwork to your guests, plus you can access the outdoor water tap and an electrical outlet for the pump (more on that next!).

  1. Pump it up

Adding a pump to your garden pond will help you create a clean, oxygenated and healthy living environment for all your pond-dwelling friends! Choose a pump that can move your total water capacity every hour – for example, a 9,000-litre pond would need a pump that’s at least 9,000 litres per hour (although, if you have a fountain, you’ll need extra power!).

But not all pumps are created equal. At Closer Pets, our pond pumps feature a unique anti-clog design that eliminates the need for a filter foam when used with a filter. After all – the last place you want to be cleaning a foam filter is in a pump in the middle of your pond!

Our pumps blend in with their natural surroundings and are very energy-efficient, meaning low running costs. They even come with various fountain attachments to add an eye-catching feature to your pond. Last, but certainly not least, our pumps are fish-friendly. Talking of which…

  1. Choose your fishy friends wisely

Choosing your fish is perhaps the most exciting part of setting up your new garden pond! There are lots of varieties of pond-dwelling fish to choose from, but remember that each kind of fish has its own particular needs – for example, pond size. Goldfish, orfes and shubunkins are popular choices. There’s a handy list here.

  1. Get planting!

Adding pond plants will bring a great range of benefits to you and your pond residents. They’ll not only boost the natural beauty of the area, but will also appeal to visiting wildlife, and will help keep the water oxygenated, clear and algae-free.

Aquatic plants come in varying shapes and sizes – some are submerged, while some float on the surface. You need to make sure you pick the right plants and position them correctly, leaving space for your fish to come to the surface. Waterlilies are a popular choice for adding a splash of colour to your pond, while also giving your fish shelter and a hiding place.

Choosing the right plants can be a little overwhelming. The Royal Horticultural Society has a helpful list here – including some to avoid!

  1. Add a personal touch

Make your pond truly your own by adding some unique touches. If you’ve collected pretty rocks and shells on holiday, why not position them around the edge of your pond? You could also add some underwater lighting to add extra atmosphere to your garden, and impress your garden-party guests as the sun sets!

  1. Keep curious beaks at bay

Protect your resident fish from herons and other birds by adding a fine net to the surface of your pond – especially if you have orfes, which spend most of their time near the surface. Please note that nets are not a good deterrent for children or pets that can’t swim. If you do have young children, it’s worth doing a lot of research before creating a pond – many people suggest it’s not worth the risk.

  1. Add a filter

No – we don’t mean an Instagram filter (…although you’ll no doubt want to post lots of photos of your fabulous new pond!). Pond filters keep your pond beautifully clear and healthy. The most common types are pressure and gravity filters, with different types of filtration: mechanical, biological and UV.

At Closer Pets, we have plenty of pond filter options to suit different size ponds, keeping everything in perfect purified order! One of our most popular products is the 15000 PUV Pressurised Pond Filter, which uses both UV and biological filtration. This pressurised pond filter features Powerclenz – our patented automatic cleaning system that cleans the filter at the twist of a button. The filter can also be buried (not below pond level), so only the top can be seen.

We also stock gravity pond filters, which are more budget-friendly but are still incredibly effective. For example, our 5000 GBIO Gravity Pond Filter features a unique foam filter, meaning it doesn’t need cleaning as often as other gravity filters, and catches more dirt. Win, win! designs include a biological medium to clean the water.

      1. Add a feature

If you’re looking to add a bit of extra pizzazz to your pond, why not consider creating a feature, such as a waterfall or fountain? Water cascading over rocks or gently splashing from a fountain will add extra tranquillity to your garden space, and also provide valuable aeration.


      1. Plan in some pond care

Adding a pond to your garden will instantly transform your outdoor space, but it’s important to look after it to keep it looking its best – and most importantly, to maintain a healthy (and not overgrown!) environment for your fish and any visiting wildlife. It’s well worth trimming your pond plants during the first few years when the pond is still developing. Bulrush, for example, can dominate the pond if not thinned out early on.

If you have a long-standing pond, a great way to improve oxygen levels in the water during hot weather is to spray water over the surface of the pool to break the surface.

Discover our range today!

As things start to open up as we approach summer, it’s clear that people will be spending more time in their gardens. Here at Closer Pets, our range of pond accessories are here to help you ensure your pond, whatever size it is, remains an underwater paradise for all of its residents.

For those of you with existing ponds, it’s worth noting that care should be taken if you’re doing lots of work on your pond in spring, as you may disturb the wildlife – make sure you do your research before making major changes.

Check out our pond accessories here, with designs from Closer Pets and Fish Mate.

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