6 things you didn’t know about pet fountains

Just like you, it’s important for your pets to be well hydrated. A pet drinking fountain offers many benefits for your furry friends as well as for you – they provide your dog or cat with access to fresh, clean water at any time, while giving you peace of mind when you’re out and about.

Here’s how pet fountains can make hydration one of the highlights of the day!

1. Cats and dogs prefer running water
Anyone who’s seen a cat drinking from a dripping tap or a dog playing with a sprinkler will know that pets absolutely love moving water! Pet fountains tap into cats’ and dogs’ animal instincts to drink from streams and rivers, by encouraging them to lap it up to their hearts’ content.

Offering a taste of nature is especially important for cats, who are known to be picky drinkers – you might often see them tapping the water bowl with their paw before drinking it. What’s more, moving water is particularly captivating to most dogs. So, having a source of fresh running water will surely grab their attention, while providing naturally oxygenated, tasty water throughout the day.


2. Pet fountains improve the taste and smell of water

Cats and dogs both have an incredible sense of smell – indeed, depending on the breed, a dog’s sniffing power is around 10,000-100,000 times more superior than ours! So, even though we may not detect them, there are chemicals in tap water, which can give it a not-so-pleasant aroma which our cat’s and dog’s sensitive noses pick up straight away. Pet fountains will not only entice your furry friends, but most include filters that remove impurities from tap water and improve the taste and smell, again encouraging your four-legged friends to drink more.


3. They keep things cool

Did you know a pet fountain can keep the water 1-2 degrees cooler than a traditional water bowl? By keeping everything cool, flowing and full of oxygen, your closest companions will be fully refreshed!

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘the dog days of summer’, and the hottest time of year is when dogs and cats risk becoming dehydrated, so the cool water will coax them to keep topped up. Encouraging pets to drink is especially important for cats, as they aren’t inclined to drink much – in the wild, they’d get most of their water intake from their food. Regular drinking helps prevent health problems as well as an unpleasant vet bill. It aids digestion and helps flush out toxins that may build up, which can cause kidney or urinary tract disease – research shows this can sadly be a leading cause of death in older cats.


4. They help you say goodbye to constant refills

Pet fountains can hold anything from one to over six litres of water. Pets need different quantities of water, depending on their size and the type of food they eat. By offering up to six litres, your four-legged friends will never go thirsty – they can dip in and out as they please, whether you’re at home or out and about. Not to mention the fact it means you don’t have to keep refilling the bowl every five minutes – especially if you have several fluffy friends!


5. They’re more hygienic than a traditional water bowl
Pet fountains not only do their bit to help prevent parchedness, but the circulating water can also stop any nasty build-ups in their tracks, keeping water clean and safe. What’s more, the filters in pet fountains will trap dirt and fur and any other nasties, and remove any chlorine and grotty odours.

Owners will know all too well just how much dogs moult (seriously, the fur gets everywhere!) – regularly replacing your water fountain filter will mean your canine companion’s drinking water won’t come with a side helping of fluff! Plus, from your pets’ point of view, it’s not quite as inviting to sip from a bowl where the water’s been hanging around(!).


6. Pet fountains are more affordable than you think!

We understand that cost may be a deciding factor when choosing a water bowl for your cat or dog. If you’re worried that all of the above awesome features mean that a pet drinking fountain will mean a hefty price, fear not! At Closer Pets, our pet drinking fountains start from just £25, with a pack of replacement filter cartridges starting from only £6.


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Over the last 35 years we’ve strived to help owners get closer to their pets, with products that give them a deeper understanding of their pets’ needs – for example, their taste for running water!

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